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I provide Bully Prevention Workshops and Training to students, educational staff, and parents

Humans are incredibly compassionate and empathetic; we also have the capacity to hurt.  My bully prevention workshops and trainings provide specific strategies to stop bullying and social aggression and increase social skills.

All behaviors provide a need.  I teach peace by teaching replacement behaviors for behaviors that hurt or perpetuate violence.  These ‘replacement behaviors’ are sometimes referred to as common social skills…that aren’t always so common-if they are not taught, role-modeled, and reinforced.  When taught and reinforced, these replacement behaviors fulfill the same needs as the hurtful behaviors…thus preventing bullying and increasing respect, peace, and a great academic environment.


  • I teach young people emotional management, conflict resolution, assertive communication, how to make good friends, good humor, bystander responsibility, and more.
  • I teach educators and school staff how to stop bullying effectively, efficiently, and respectfully.  We also discuss discipline techniques that are fair, role-model respect, and work!
  • I teach parents how to help bully-proof their kids by teaching realistic strategies, teaching specific skills, self-esteem, resilience and by working together with school staff as a team.

Why Teach Bully Prevention?  Because it’s the law!  But also…

I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: “The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that’s fair.” In these words he epitomized the history of the human race.  —Bertrand Russell

School used to be great. I loved it. Now I hate it. The kids are mean, everyone picks on me, and no one does anything about them. —Danny H., 5th grade, 2005

Bully Prevention Book - Bully Prevention Workshop Activities and Lessons

Look inside the book.

Accepting bullying as an inevitable part of childhood is no longer tolerated. The customary responses, “Boys will be boys,” and, “That’s the way girls are,” are outdated and ignore research that has shown the long-term negative impact bullying has on not only the bullied child, but also on the bully and those who witness bullying.

Ongoing bullying leads to low self-esteem, criminal activity, domestic violence, suicide, and other self-destructive behaviors as well as distrust in the ability of authority to create and maintain a safe educational environment (Nansel, et al., 2001). It is for these reasons that most states in America have passed laws that require schools to address bully prevention.
Bullying should be addressed in a proactive fashion. To that end, this website, my videos, and my book, share research-based ideas and fun, interactive activities that proactively teach behaviors that are expected in and out of school, including how to stand up to a bully, how to stop another student from bullying, and how (hopefully former) bullies can get their needs met in a peaceful, pro-social style.

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