Welcome to Breakstone Bully Prevention

Teaching Social Skills to

Enhance Empathy, Friendship, Respect

and to Prevent Bullying

I provide Bully Prevention Workshops and Training to Students, Parents and Educational Staff.

Bullying is the abuse of power.  It might be physical power, or intellectual, financial, or social power…and it is never acceptable when that power is used to hurt or humiliate.  And, no one EVER deserves to be bullied.

But bullying happens.  Since 1999 I have been teaching kids of all ages how to stand up to a bully, how to be strong without being aggressive, when to ignore obnoxious behavior when to imply self-protection strategies.  These lessons and other and associated social skills build confidence and resiliency.


  • I teach young people skills that enhance emotional management, conflict resolution, assertive communication, how to develop healthy friendships, use good humor, and develop personal responsibility.
  • I provide parents with information on how to help bully-proof their kids by teaching realistic strategies and by providing ideas on how to increase self-esteem and resilience.
  • I teach educators and school staff how to stop bullying effectively, efficiently, and respectfully on a individual level and throughout the school community.  I also provide modern research-based discipline techniques that are fair, role-model respect, and work!

Bully Prevention Book - Bully Prevention Workshop Activities and Lessons                                  

Did you know? 

Every state now has a bullying prevention law.  If your child is experiencing bullying, your school is obligated to help you make sure it stops!  Contact me to learn more about your legal rights.

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