Bully Proofing Your Child

Sometimes your kid might be bullied; and sometimes, believe it or not, your kid might even be the bully.  Kids personalities are a work in progress and at any given time, s/he can express qualities that are aggressive, or that of a bullying sidekick, or even express traits that perpetuate bullying (although no one EVER deserves to be bullied).

I have been researching and teaching bully prevention to kids of all ages since 1999.  I will teach your child social skills that increase self-respect, resiliency, and raise self-esteem.  I will teach your child how to be a leader without bullying, how to stand up to a bully, and what a responsible person does when they see or know about others being bullied.  CLICK HERE OR THE RED BOX ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS.

I can do this in person or online.  Contact me for a free consultation.  We’ll discuss how best to reinforce the social skills you are teaching your child(ren) that will make them an exceptional, happy, and peaceful person.

Fee per Session:  $75 – 100, depending on session length/individual or group    Comprehensive program: $350 – 400 (6 sessions)

Steve’s dynamic style makes learning fun, entertaining and memorable.

AS NECESSARY, I will inform and work with parents regarding their rights under school law including Bully Prevention laws (www.BullyPolice.org) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

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