Middle School Relationships Program

Middle School Relationships 101

A fun, interactive, online guided discussion for 11-14-year old’s
Join Steve’s group to learn how to make middle school soooo much easier

Seriously, are your friends really as cool as they seem to be? 
Maybe yes, maybe no.  How do you know?
What if your friends are mostly cool but sometimes just get obnoxious or annoying? Can you stop being friends with them without becoming eneies? Or lonely?
 What are they talking about when they talk about self-esteem and personal boundaries?…I’m fine! Leave me alone.  OK…but really, what do I do if I am bullied?

In an engaging, fun, funny, serious and interactive forum, we’ll talk about how to make and keep good friends, confidently & assertively stand up for yourself when someone gets obnoxious, and how to ‘work it out’ with your friends (and foes, too)

Summer Program — Middle School Relationships 3-Week (6 Session 2X weekly)
6 Lessons: $150.  Groups will have 6 kids max.
About Steve Breakstone: http://breakstonebullyprevention.com/steves-bio/
Private consultations: $50 up to 30 minutes, $100 up to one hour