Bully Prevention Articles

I am the co-author (with Mike Dreiblatt and Karen Dreiblatt) of How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression and the children’s book The Wallop Story.

Bully Prevention requires various strategies – workshops, interactive lesson plans, and role-playing.   We have also used our knowledge and experience (over 50 combined years) to provide bully prevention articles that discuss the issue of bullying, social aggression, and socio-emotional issues that perpetuate bullying and/or create healthy relationships.  Of course, as in everything we do, we don’t focus on the problem, WE FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS.  We urge you to review the articles and consider how they can be of value to you, your family, or school community.

Please send me an email to request permission to republish the articles in your local newspaper, school newsletter, or even on your website.

Mike Dreiblatt, Steve Breakstone, Karen Dreiblatt

Bully Prevention Articles

I am being bullied, what do I do?

I suspect my child is being bullied, now what:

For teachers with bullies in the classroom:

Celebrities who were bullied:

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